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At Montana Industries Nigeria Limited, we leverage state-of-the-art technology, robust research and development practices, and top-quality global materials, harmoniously blended with our rich experience and expertise. Incorporated in 1991 and commencing Masterbatch manufacturing in 2018, we have solidified our standing as one of Nigeria’s premier manufacturers of Color, White, Additive, and Filler Masterbatch, and Fillers. 

From our command center in Lagos, we have been instrumental in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the plastic processing industry, continuously exceeding industry expectations. Our visionary aspiration is to ascend as Africa’s preeminent Masterbatch Manufacturing brand. This we aim to achieve via sustainable and consistent growth, centered around enhancing stakeholder value and ensuring total customer satisfaction. 

As a corporation committed to environmental responsibility, our mission is to be a technological front-runner in the manufacturing of Masterbatches and Fillers, guaranteeing superior quality at the most cost-effective prices. We are perpetually committed to the improvement of our processes, technological advancements, research and development, and customer service. 

To our esteemed clientele, we promise exemplary products and services, offering the best market value and fostering a mutually beneficial business relationship. Our employees are offered a conducive work environment with positive reinforcement for commendable performance, fostering collective growth. 

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Montana has been an industry pioneer for over 20 years in Nigeria

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Montana is one of Nigeria’s leading Color, White, Additive and Filler Masterbatch and Filler Manufacturers.

Our Brand SARA Colours is Nigeria's Leading Colour, Additive Masterbatch and Filler Manufacturer.

Our Vision is to become Africa’s Largest Masterbatch Manufacturing brand by achieving sustainable and consistent growth by focusing on value addition to stakeholders and total customer satisfaction.

As an environmentally responsible company, our mission is to be the Most Technically Advanced Manufacturer of Masterbatches and Fillers, ensuring the Highest Quality at the most Economical Prices. We will continuously strive to Improve Processes, R&D, Technology, and Customer Service.

To our customers, we deliver the best products and services at the best market value, developing a mutually beneficial business relationship.

To our employees, we offer a pleasant working environment with positive reinforcements for tasks well performed and growing together.