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Our Purpose - We exist to enhance the quality of lives in Africa by delivering global local.

The Mohinani Family traces its roots to India but has established a profound legacy in Africa across generations. All 3 sons of the Founder were born in Africa. As a leading family business group, our journey is steeped in unity, resilience, and unwavering support for each other, transcending familial ties to encompass employees and communities. At its core, our family values unity over individual differences, emphasizing a collective spirit that stands firm amidst adversities.


5 Decades of sustained growth and innovation!

The Mohinani Group, is a multi-generational family business with its origin and heritage in Africa. With a headcount in excess of 5000 employees, & over 5 decades of experience in the regions, the group operates across multiple countries & sectors.


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Our Values

Our values are the fundamental principles that guide daily behavior of each employee within our business group. We have four values that we encourage all members of the group to live every day. 


Evolve And Explore

We embrace change with a pioneering spirit.

Feet On The Ground

We are grounded in humility and thrive through practicality.

Put People First

We achieve the most when we work together.

Go The Extra Mile

We exceed our promise to maximise customer success.

Key Milestones

Group Established with flagship Plastic Packaging company in Ghana
The Group established its International Trade & Finance offices in London & Hong Kong.
2nd generation of family members join the business
1985 (to 1988)
Nigeria businesses commence.
Establishment of Family Governance Structure with 1st generation constitution.
East Africa businesses commence.
Group Shared Services est in Mumbai.
Southern Africa business
Venture into QSR with KFC master franchise in Ghana.
Establishment of Business Governance Structure with est of Advisory Board and 1st Non Exec Director.
3rd generation of family members join the business
Established Somochem DMCC, UAE, as key hub.
Commencement of Cassava > Ethanol manufacturing plant in Nigeria.
Commencement of Plastics recycling project in Nigeria & Ghana

Awards & Recognitions

Mohinani Group

Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra

Excellence in Business Award of the Year

Awarded by Ghana Business Awards

Year 2018

Accra, October 2018: The Mohinani Group won 3 awards at the maiden Ghana Business Awards Ceremony, a prestigious award which sought to recognize and reward individuals and companies that excelled and contributed to sustainable development within their various sectors and Ghanaian Economy. 

The Group’s Executive Director, Ashok Mohinani was honored and recognized for “Excellence in Business Award of the Year” at the event which took place at Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra on Friday 26th October, 2018.

Commenting on the award, Mr. Mohinani said it was rewarding for the Group to be recognized for its outstanding achievements and contributions to business development and economic growth over the last 50 years in Ghana.

Electromart, Somotex


Electronic Company of the Year

Awarded by Group of Companies of the Year

Year 2018

The 2nd Award which was picked up by the Group was “Group of Companies of the Year” in honor of their commitment & drive for innovation. The “Electronic Company of the Year” was awarded to Electromart, the retail arm of the groups Trading Company –Somotex.

Polytank, Ghana


2nd Outstanding Company in Ghana – Manufacturing Sector

Awarded by Ghana Club 100 Awards 2023

Year 2023

Polytank Celebrates Manufacturing Excellence at Ghana Club 100 Awards 2023!

A night of recognition and triumph

Polytank, Ghana's leading manufacturer of plastic water tanks and sanitation products, reached a momentous milestone at the prestigious Ghana Club 100 Awards 2023. They were not only recognized as one of the top 100 companies in Ghana but also bagged the coveted title of 2nd Outstanding Company in the Manufacturing Sector. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Polytank's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and driving Ghana's industrial growth.

Polytank Ghana


Iconic Water Storage Manufacturing Company of the Decade 2013 - 2023

Awarded by Made in Ghana Awards 2023

Year 2023

Polytank Ghana Earns Coveted Recognition as "Iconic Water Storage Manufacturing Company of the Decade" at Made in Ghana Awards 2023

A Decade of Excellence Celebrated

Polytank Ghana, a household name synonymous with water storage solutions across the nation, took home the prestigious title of "Iconic Water Storage Manufacturing Company of the Decade 2013-2023" at the Made in Ghana Awards 2023. This remarkable accolade shines a spotlight on Polytank's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations for a decade running.

Polytank, Ghana


Ghana Manufacturing Awards 2023

Awarded by Plastic Manufacturing Industrial Company of the Year

Year 2023

Ghana Manufacturing Awards 2023 – Plastic Manufacturing Industrial Company of the Year: Polytank Ghana

The Ghana Manufacturing Awards 2023 recently concluded with Polytank Ghana receiving the prestigious award for "Plastic Manufacturing Industrial Company of the Year." This recognition celebrates Polytank Ghana's outstanding contributions to the plastic manufacturing sector, highlighting their commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability.

The event brought together industry leaders, government officials, and key stakeholders, and featured an award ceremony and a showcase of Polytank Ghana's pioneering products. The accolade for Polytank Ghana underscores the importance of excellence in Ghana's manufacturing industry and sets a benchmark for future innovations.

Polytank, Ghana


Grain to Glass Sustainability Award

Awarded by Diageo Africa Supplier and Agency Excellence Awards 2022

Year 2022

Polytank Ghana Raises a Toast to Sustainability at Diageo Africa Supplier and Agency Excellence Awards 2022

In a night celebrating outstanding contributions to Diageo Africa's success, Polytank Ghana etched its name in the annals of sustainability with a prestigious win at the 2022 Diageo Africa Supplier and Agency Excellence Awards. Their dedication to "Grain to Glass" sustainability earned them the coveted Grain to Glass Sustainability Award, solidifying their commitment to responsible manufacturing and environmental stewardship.

KFC Ghana


Ghana Business Awards – 2021

Awarded by KFC Ghana - Food Company of The Year.

Year 2021

The Colonel Takes the Crown: KFC Ghana Wins Food Company of the Year at 2021 Ghana Business Awards!

KFC Ghana, the beloved home of crispy fried chicken and finger-lickin' good sides, clucked its way to victory at the prestigious 2021 Ghana Business Awards, scooping the coveted title of Food Company of the Year. This finger-lickin' good achievement is a testament to KFC Ghana's unwavering commitment to delivering delicious, high-quality food experiences while contributing positively to the Ghanaian community.

KFC Ghana


Health Environment Safety & Security Awards - 2023

Awarded by Food Facility Excellence Award 2023

Year 2023

KFC Ghana Makes a Double Play at the Health Environment Safety & Security Awards 2023!

KFC Ghana clucked its way to two major wins at the prestigious Health Environment Safety & Security Awards 2023, solidifying its commitment to excellence in food safety, quality management, and employee well-being. This double victory is a finger-lickin' good testament to the Colonel's dedication to serving up not just delicious food, but also a safe and healthy environment for both customers and employees.

1. Food Facility Excellence Award 2023:

  • This award recognizes KFC Ghana's unwavering commitment to food safety and hygiene. From stringent sanitation practices to rigorous quality control measures, KFC Ghana ensures that every bucket of chicken and every order of fries meets the highest standards of food safety.

  • KFC Ghana's investment in state-of-the-art food preparation facilities and advanced hygiene training programs for its employees has created a culture of safety that permeates every aspect of their operations.

2. Best Company in Process Safety and Quality Management Practice 2023:

  • This award recognizes KFC Ghana's dedication to excellence in process safety and quality management. Their robust systems and procedures ensure that every step of the food production process, from sourcing ingredients to serving customers, is conducted with the utmost attention to detail and safety.

  • KFC Ghana's commitment to continuous improvement and employee engagement in safety procedures has created a culture of proactive risk management that minimizes potential hazards and ensures the safety of everyone involved.

KFC Ghana


KFC YUM Quiz Show in 2023

Awarded by YUM Quiz Show

Year 2023

Calling all Colonel Connoisseurs! Get ready for the KFC YUM Quiz Show 2023!

Are you a clucking good fan of KFC Ghana? Do you know your Hot & Crispy from your Zinger Burger like the back of your hand? If so, then brace yourself for the finger-lickin' good KFC YUM Quiz Show 2023! This epic event is sure to test your KFC knowledge, tickle your taste buds, and shower you with prizes that'll leave you saying, "YUM!

KFC Ghana


Glovo Partner of the Year Awards in 2022

Awarded by Glovo

Year 2023

KFC Ghana Takes Home the Top Prize at Glovo Partner of the Year Awards 2022!

The Colonel’s clucking got even louder as KFC Ghana was crowned the "Partner of the Year" at the prestigious Glovo Partner of the Year Awards 2022! This finger-lickin' good win shines a spotlight on KFC's dedication to delivering delicious food experiences and seamless online ordering through Glovo's platform.

Mohinani Group


RGM Conference

Awarded by RGM

Year 2024

RGM conference 2024

Client Testimonials

Over the last two decades, we have worked closely with the Mohinani group to deliver top-notch support services for all Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions.

We have worked as partners to deliver on high-priority projects across Ghana and West Africa. Key Projects include Process & Plants (HO), Villagio Vista, Kosmos Energy (HO), Protea Hotel Select, Liebherr Mining (HO), One Airport Square and many more !

Consulting Architect Consulting Architect

Packaging is a key component, in our product development process and we pay keen attention to its effect on the environment. 

We have worked as partners over the last few years to ensure our sustainable packaging policy is applied to all our plastic packaging needs.

The Mohinani Group has always been part of our growth and consistently delivered on their promise

International FMCG Company International FMCG Company

The zeal with which the Sales Team aggressively works to deliver customer satisfaction is quite impressive.

Their understanding of our final consumer has chartered a reliable course to delivering on our promise.

We are proud to say, we have been partners for quite some time and we are sure we will cover many milestones in the course of our growth

International Beverage Company International Beverage Company

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