Poly Tanks Ghana Limited Wins AGI Award

Poly Tanks Ghana Ltd has won the award for The Best Company, Rubber and Plastics Sector Year 2013 at the Association of Ghana Industry (AGI) Annual Awards.

The ceremony, which was under the theme “Rewarding Excellence and Innovation”, was held at the State House Banquet Hall in Accra.

AGI seeks to recognize companies that have achieved outstanding success in various areas of industry and innovation in the year of review. The recognition serves as a platform to motivate and encourage other companies in the industry to pursue excellence.

Mr. Gabriel Opoku-Asare, Group Corporate Affairs Manager of Mohinani Group said, the company is delighted to have won this award and grateful to AGI for this recognition. This award and two others that have come to Poly Tanks Ghana Ltd this year shows that it pays to pursue brand excellence and service quality.
The company was established in 1992 and the first to introduce large rotational moulded water storage tanks into Ghana and has many “firsts” in products such as dustbins, traffic cones, promotional kiosks, industrial containers, plastic septic tanks and plastic pallets.

Polytank Ghana Ltd is a Mohinani group company. Mohinani Group is a diversified international group present in several countries across Africa, Asia and Europe. The companies represented in Ghana are Poly Products, Poly Sacks, Poly Tanks, Poly Kraft, Somotex, ElectroMart, Somovision, Somochem, Somoco, Uniwell Trading, South West Estates, Alliance Estates, Masco Foods (owners of the KFC franchise in Ghana).