There have recently been a number of recruitment frauds operating in different parts of the world where individuals are contacting job seekers claiming to represent Mohinani Group or its affiliates, offering them roles and then inevitably asking for payments to cover a range of expenses and administration costs.
This type of fraud tends to occur through online services including fake websites, social media accounts, online recruitment sites or unsolicited emails claiming to be from our Group or its affiliates. Often company employee names and logos are used to try to convey authenticity.
Please be vigilant to fraudulent activity at all times and if you are unsure whether a communication that you have received is authentic, please review the guidance below:
Mohinani Group or its affiliates, will always and only ever contact you from a verifiable or or email address. Verify the email address is legitimate. We will never use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other non-official email account to communicate with potential candidates. Candidates can confirm the authenticity of an email by writing to us on or
Mohinani Group or its affiliates, or any of its representatives, will never ask for any form of payment for ‘visa fees’, ‘taxes’, ‘accommodation’ ‘background checks expenses’ or ‘travel expenses’ etc.
In many of the event Mohinani Group or its affiliates, seeks help of placement agencies to help us source and shortlist candidates. In such an event, we will authorize the Placement agencies. The placement agencies will connect to candidates over a trail email sent to them by our representative.
The Group shall not be responsible for any liability should a candidate still pay or get mislead by fraudsters.